Earn Fairy Stars



Inside of every box is the chance to earn Fairy Stars by participating with our social media in different ways. Just follow the directions on the card in your box.  For example, you might earn two Fairy Stars by posting your child's favorite accessory of the month on our social media or by tagging/mentioning us on yours.

@TheFairyBag   #EarnFairyStars


Why Earn Fairy Stars? 

Once you have earned 10 Fairy Stars, you will receive an exclusive accessory from The Fairy Bag with a retail value of at least $25.  The current item is a rainbow druzy  geode necklace on a 14k gold-plated chain.  Your little one will have so much fun earning fairy stars and it will promote bonding with her. She'll need your  help to post! 


Need more reasons to sign up?


The Fairy Bag is also a fabulous reward system for completing chores, good behavior & grades, a great way to accessorize your little girls with the newest fashion items or a monthly treat just because you love them. 

Your child will LOVE receiving her monthly subscription but you can cancel any time just by sending us an e-mail or canceling from your Fairy Bag account.

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