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The Fairy Bag(Ages 4 to 6) WAITLISTED TO FEB 17th!

Sold Out for January! The Fairy Bag is a monthly subscription for girls ages 4-6. Every month, your little fairy will receive 4 -5 high-quality accessories & boutique-style pieces such as hairbands, bracelets, necklaces, rings, sparkly lip balms, mini brushes, journals & more! This "unboxing" is a magical experience that you can share. The Fairy Bag is an awesome way to treat your special fairy for awesome behavior, grades, completion of chores, graduation or just because you love her. MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS! FOLLOW US ON FB OR INSTA. $40 of Value in each bag

The Pixie Bag (Ages 7-10)

Includes 4-5 high-quality accessories & boutique-style gifts. Our accessories are procured with utmost care & include high grade materials such as white or rose gold, pearls, polished slide chain, crystals, leathers or semi-leathers, soft rubber, silvers, cubic zirconium. We also include a character building message (and glitter) in every box! The Pixie Bag is an "unboxing" experience that you can share together while building a collection of accessories. MONTHLY GIVEAWAYS! FOLLOW US ON FB OR INSTA. $40+ of value in each bag

It's not just an "unboxing". It's a magical experience for all little girls.

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Growing up can sometimes be hard.

Girls go through so much in life.

Our goal is to empower little girls to feel beautiful inside and out.

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