How It Works


When you sign up for The Fairy Bag,  you will receive a Secret Fairy Message in each box  geared towards the importance of a positive attitude, family, respect, love, goals, confidence, inner beauty and more. If your child participates, she will earn Fairy Stars. Once she has earned 10 Fairy Stars, a free Fairy shirt will go out in the next box, 

The Fairy Bag includes 4-5 carefully selected girl's accessories and presents for just $12.99.   (At least a $35 value)    

The Pixie Bag for ages 7-10  includes 4-5 high-quality accessories or small gifts for $14.99 plus shipping.  

It's so much fun to see kids receive mail in their own name. They have so much fun unboxing every month!! It's bonding time with your daughter, niece or grandaughters.

  These are the coolest fashion items in the market such as cat ear headbands, tiaras, chokers, JoJo hair bows, emoji bracelets, necklaces, change purses, handbags, bling rings: Accessories that little girls love to wear. 

The Fairy Bag is also a fabulous reward system for completing chores, good behavior & grades, a great way to accessorize your little girls with the newest fashion items or a monthly treat just because you love them. 

Your child will LOVE receiving her monthly subscription but you can cancel any time just by sending us an e-mail or canceling from your Fairy Bag account.

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 Bring magic to life & SUBSCRIBE!

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Wait for The Fairy Bag! it will arrive between the 18 -21st of every month!

"My girls are 6 & 8 and they adore The Fairy Bag. I have my own subscription boxes and the girls kept saying they wished they could have one, too. The Fairy Bag is perfect and the only one like it in the market! I bought them a jewelry box and they've organized all the presents so neatly.  The accessories were so cutet. We chose the Cildren's Diabetes Foundation as our charity." - Jennifer W.   Dallas, TX